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Important Notice: Enhanced Login Security

Mandatory changes regarding Internet Banking security.

At Century Bank, your online security has always been a top priority. On October 3, 2011, we'll be upgrading our Enhanced Login Security to further protect you from identity theft.

Enhanced Login Security allows you to bank from any computer while protecting your accounts from unauthorized access. In addition, Enhanced Login Security allows you to securely reset your own Internet Banking password if you have forgotten it.

How does Enhanced Login Security work today?

Enhanced Login Security protects against online fraud by providing an additional security step beyond your UserID and Password. Today each time you access your accounts on an unrecognized PC or mobile device, that is not enrolled in Enhanced Login Security, you must answer a challenge question to confirm your identity.

What is changing?

Beginning October 3, 2011, you will have a new method to confirm your identity when accessing your accounts through Internet Banking on an unrecognized PC that is NOT enrolled in Enhanced Login Security.

In addition to using challenge questions, you will be able to verify your identity through the use of a one-time access code. You choose how you want to receive the access code by text message, email, or automated voice call.

NOTE: If you have not enrolled your PC in Enhanced Login Security, you may have difficulty logging into Internet Banking beginning October 3. Please follow these instructions on our website:


Does this update affect Mobile Banking?

This change will NOT affect Mobile Banking users who will continue to use challenge questions rather than access codes, for identity confirmation.

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Visit the Enhanced Login Security page of our website:


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